Passe Paranoia REVIEWS! 30 Apr 2017

The Debut album by Lord Loud is out! Here is what people are saying!

The Obelisk

-Lord Loud have the hooks and groove to catch attention on a quick runthrough. But if one is willing to really listen to the turns in songs like “They are Coming” or the earlier “The Givers,” there’s more to be found there in atmosphere and execution than might elicit a, “hey, cool rock brah,” if you were at the show. Where some cuts offer jangle — opener “Dream Weaver,” “The Givers,” “The Hand” — and others righteous fuzz — “Eyes Have Hands,” “The Wolf,” the penultimate “Moths to Light” — and still others moments of pure psychedelic drift — the rolling “Star Bright Eyes,” the minimal “They are Coming” and the payoff of closer “Swirling” — it’s the ways in which these songs interact with each other and within themselves that really make Lord Loud‘s work stand out. In other words, the balance.

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Impose Magazine

-Presenting the world premiere for “The Givers”, Lord Loud rolls out the real heavy hitting chords & percussion schemes amid a whole host of noise. Amps & effects pedals buzz, pop, growl, hiss, & whirl around amid some mean riffs that offers a generous giving of some seriously lead-weighted deliveries. Dissonance & appetites for constructive destruction are the order of the day, as the Lords administer a bonfire of beautifully executed celestial fuzz. The giving spirit is presented as a torch to storm each & every tower of tyranny out there in the world, until you find whatever semblances of truth(s) you may be seeking.

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Janky Smooth

-This hardworking, heavy psych 2-piece bring sound the size of a 70’s 4 piece garage band but have only 4 hands total to pull that off.